How to improve your vape clouds

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If you’re an aficionado who just can’t seem to blow big vape clouds, or have been using e-cigs for a while and fancy trying your hand at the cloud chasing trend, then we have a few tips to help you out.


Upgrade your kit

If you’re using a basic vape kit, like a beginner’s e-cigarette or something without many controls on it, the first thing you should do is invest in a new e-cigarette.

Look for something built for cloud chasers, like an entry-level sub-ohm vape kit from a trusted manufacturer. Make sure it has temperature control, variable voltage/wattage modes, adjustable airflow, direct to lung vaping ability, and lower resistance coils. Despite the many options, sub-ohm kits are easy to use if you’re familiar with everyday vape kits, and you’ll find lots of instructions online to help.

Once you’re comfortable with this device and happy chasing clouds, you could upgrade to a Rebuildable Atomizer (shortened to RBA, RDA or RTA depending on the style), which are popular with cloud chasers around the world. Just don’t leap straight from an everyday vape kit to a RDA, as you need to build your own coils.


Use the right e-liquid

The e-liquid you use in your vape kit is vitally important if you want to create big vape clouds.

E-liquids contain a few main ingredients – PG, VG, and nicotine. It’s good to go for a balance between PG and VG for everyday vaping, as you’ll get a combination of throat hit, flavour and clouds, but when you’re cloud chasing you need to use a different ratio.

Go for a high VG e-liquid to improve clouds, as you’ll find that you’ll get thicker, bigger clouds, and a smoother sensation when you vape. Choose a ‘High VG’ or even ‘100% VG’ e-liquid for the best clouds you can get. You might find that there’s less of a taste to your e-liquid, as flavour is often carried better by PG, but you will have less of a harsh throat hit and more vapour, so it’s worth the switch.

As VG is thicker than PG, you’ll also need to make sure that you have a coil and wick setup that can efficiently cope with the e-liquid. Sub-ohm kits and RDAs are perfect for high VG e-liquid.

If you’re chasing clouds, you might want to use a low, even 0%, nicotine level in your e-liquid, because the way that you inhale is different, and using a high nicotine level e-liquid for cloud chasing could make you feel ill, or lead you to experience nicotine OD.


Check your airflow

You’ll find that the more airflow you get when you vape, the better your vape clouds will be. Make sure your vape kit has adjustable airflow settings – this is another reason that RDAs and sub-ohm kits are great for cloud chasing, as they normally have adjustable airflow as standard.

When you increase the airflow into your e-cigarette, you push more air over your coils, cooling them down and producing more vapour. It’s particularly important when you are using a high wattage to vape, as the temperature of the vapour could otherwise become too hot for comfort.


Change coils

Dual coil vape kit setups could be just what you need for big clouds. Instead of using one coil and wick to soak up e-liquid and produce vapour, these have two – meaning a lot more clouds.

If you’re an experienced sub-ohm vaper and make the switch to RDAs, you’ll be able to build your own coils using high quality wick and coil materials, and you’ll have more control over vapour production.


Increase your power

The higher the power you have going through your vape kit, the more clouds you’ll make, as you will turn e-liquid into vape clouds quicker, allowing for lots of vapour.

When you have control over wattage and voltage, you can try slowly increasing power until you get the clouds you want. The higher you go, the less flavour you might get from your vape, and unless you have adjustable airflow you might find that things get hot.

Make sure your vape kit has a good battery, as you’ll need it to increase the power, and use the settings recommended for your coil to get great vape clouds.


Know Ohm’s Law

When you have a sub-ohm kit or RDA, it’s important that you get familiar with Ohms Law. Although at first it might seem complex, it’s actually straightforward, and will help you not only achieve good vape clouds but have a safe vape – you don’t want to accidentally push your vape kit beyond its limits!

Vapers who use RDAs for cloud chasing should also think about investing in an Ohm’s meter to get accurate readings of coil resistance, for top safety and vape effectiveness.


Use the right style

Finally, you might find that inhaling and exhaling in a certain way can help you with your cloud chasing goals, once you have the right vape kit and e-liquid in place.

There are lots of great guides and videos online with different tips and tricks on how to inhale when you’re a cloud chaser, so you can find a method that works well for you. Many of them recommend exhaling completely before you start so that your lungs are empty, then inhaling rapidly in a direct-to-lungs style, to get the biggest vape clouds you can.

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