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The definition of Sub Ohm vaping can be summed up very easily with two words: massive clouds. The more complex definition? Atomizers that can fire at the under 1 ohm of resistance. What does Ohm mean? Ohm is named off of German physicist named Georg Ohm who discovered According to, the exact definition of an “Ohm’s law” is:

the law that for any circuit the electric current is directly proportional to the voltage and is inversely proportional to the resistance.

If you are still confused, don’t worry you are not alone, Ohm’s law can be confusing for most to wrap their heads around. Fortunately enough, you don’t have to be a physicist to understand the pros and cons of sub ohm vaping. Continue reading to have a better grasp of how Ohm’s law works in the vaping world of today.

Warning: If Beginner to E-Vaping:

First and foremost, sub-ohm vaping isn’t for everyone. For instance, if you are a beginner to the realm of vaping and are not experienced in rebuildable atomizers, mechanical mods, or battery safety it’s safe to say that you are not ready for sub-ohm vaping. You may ask: how can something so innocent as producing huge clouds of vapor be dangerous? The answer is: your vape device could explode, catch fire, and cause you some serious damage. Just a couple of the major warnings in regards to sub ohm vaping are:

  • Charging Matter

Battery safety plays a huge role in sub ohm vaping. Misuse of batteries can result in mods exploding or catching fire. What’s important here? Good quality batteries, never overcharging your vape device and never use a charger that isn’t branded. With whatever vape device you decide to use, take the time to research best batteries and chargers for your mod. There are plenty of forums to help guide you in your vaping experience. Definitely make sure your battery wrapper isn’t broken, either. It’s a safer bet to just buy a new one!


  • Do Not Use Mechanical Mods

If you are not a huge vape nerd you shouldn’t be using a hybrid vape mod in the first place. As far as sub-ohm vaping is concerned, you increase your chances of an explosion significantly with a hybrid mechanical mod. Unless you are an extreme vape expert, you should entirely avoid a hybrid while sub-ohm vaping. Make sure you take the time to research vape mods in general to find the best one suited for huge cloud production.


  • Air Flow Matters

Simply put, make sure there is good airflow escaping your mod. If the air holes in your mod are clogged, or it is not releasing enough air, then the mod is in danger of exploding due to overheating.



The AWESOME and COOL fact about Sub Ohm Vaping,


  • Dense Cloud Vapor

Unlike regular “puffs” of vapor, you can produce actual clouds of vapor. So much so that vape fans actually created a competition out of it called “cloud chasing”. The winner can take home awesome vape gear or thousands of dollars. It’s not just fun for them–it’s a sport.


  • More Flavor

A low-resistance sub-ohm build is said by vape users to have intense flavor. This is due to drawing in more vapor and e-juice with each inhale. Experienced vape competitors prefer to have low nicotine levels to prevent themselves from getting lightheaded due to the amounts of vapor they pull with each puff.


  • Warmer Vapor

Extra heat is produced during sub-ohm vaping which causes the vapor released to be warmer. Just like there are fans of cool vapor, there are fans of warm vapor as well. Sub-ohm vaping is dubbed as one of the best ways to gain that warmer temperature.



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